Testimonials - Home Automation Nepal

Satyam Kedia

Director, Kedia Organization

Raj B Shah

Managing Director, JGI

Saurabh jyoti

Managing Director, Jyoti Group

Aditya Sanghai

Managing Director, Ghorahi Cement

Rahul Shakya

Managing Director, Ace Hotels

Deepa Kunwar

Managing Director, Plush Cashmere

Rishi Saraf

Interior Designer, Innovations Nepal

Ar. Shesh Krishna Shrestha

Architect, Fresh Dome Consultancy

Prakash Bajracharya

Managing Director, B&B Enterprises

Aaditya Sanghai

Great service and good products. We at Ghorahi Cement would like to applaud the effort to provide the latest technology which is absolutely problem free. Would be happy to continue association.

Ar. Prabin Laghu

Technology is changing the way we live our lives. As an architect and an active user of smart home system, I’m glad to have such a sophisticated technology installed in my home and office. Thanks to Home Automation Nepal.

Ashesh RajBansh

Hard to find a business establishment that deals with valued products and services. i was looking for a home automation system that I could trust on. The quality service Home Automation Nepal provided, it’s again hard to believe that we are in Nepal.

Bikrant Shrestha

Keyur and this company have done a fantastic job. My lighting system is so easy to handle. I can control it straight from my phone. My living room sound system also sounds really good. The team knows what they are doing and I highly recommend Home Automation Nepal.

Bishnu Neupane

The use of home automation systems are considered quite new, even by international standards. To have such technology available in Nepal is extremely remarkable. Using the system brings forth a sense of comfort, convenience and professionalism, which is exactly what the company provides with their team. They have done a fantastic job with everything and the system has had me and everyone else who stepped into our house simply blown away.

Deepa Kunwar

It is totally worth having one at home. The ease of controlling your lighting to sleeping peacefully at night after turning on the security system from your phone, the overall experience is just amazing and a must have. So far, its been very easy to work with Keyur and his team since they are just a call away and very attentive to our needs.

Dije Shrestha

I started out with a basic automation system and have found it quite convenient and simple to use. i am looking forward to automating other areas of the house and having the control at my fingertips.

Dipesh Kunwar

This is fairly a new system in Nepal. However I feel that I do feel safer in my house after installing the system. You might have to incorporate the system from the time you start the civil work but it is worth the effort. With your phone, now you can do things you could only imagine. Excellent product! Thanks to Keyur and his entire team for their service.

Harsh Sanghai

The services I have received from you have been absolutely wonderful! The system works great and the service has been impeccable. Your team has always been highly responsive during any problems and your products have made my home a more comfortable place to live in. Cheers and best of luck!

Ichchhya raj tamang

Every home can be Smart Home with Home Automation Nepal.

Jay Shrestha

I have got good support from Home Automation Nepal, from pre-installation to after sales. I have been using the system with ease and comfort. I look forward to expand it further.

JD Shrestha

For me home automation in short can be defined as user friendly, convenient, sleek, economical and practical, complimented with great after sales support. Overall it is a great product and experience.

Jyotsna Shrestha

Very pleased with the quality of the products and after sales support. Keep it up!

Megha Chaudhary Shakya

Home Automation system is the thing to have. I am enjoying living in my house so much more now. After installing their system, I have never been stressed about leaving my house unattended. Security system, CCTV cameras, multi-room audio, A/C control, I can control everything from my phone. In a nutshell, living with automation is next level.

Prajwal Hada

Great support from your team to provide a complete security system for our clients. I appreciate the service provided and look forward to working with you in our upcoming projects.

Prakash Bajracharya

Smart home features have added so much security and convenience to my home. It also gives the assurance of living in the 21st century. The best part is – it is affordable and customizable as per your needs.

Rahul Shakya

Ace hotels has used Home Automation Nepal for all its Cctv and automation processes. It has been a pleasure working with them.

Rishi Saraf

Having worked with Home Automation Nepal in a couple of projects, I can safely say that its been both a learning experience and an eye opener. It makes life easier, right from security aspects to easy access to music in all corners of the house, controlling your curtains, blinds, lights and A/C via your phone. It not only combines all these super smart features with one touch of a finger but also saves your monthly energy bills. Home Automation is no longer an idea of the future. It’s here within your reach and I would highly recommend home owners to explore the possibilities it can offer.

Shesh Krishna Shrestha

I already have included some of the features in my current projects. My future projects will surely continue trend. Smart homes are not considered as an option anymore, they are expected by the customers. It adds a feel of security and comfort.

Shree Airlines

We have installed surveillance system in our different branches and very satisfied with the service they are providing. I recommend Home Automation Nepal to everyone looking for a good security system.

Tshering Wangel Ghale

Home Automation has been our key in providing such services and their timely support in trouble shooting and updates has been vital. As we expand our amenities and services across the hotel with additional d=facilities, we will continue our services with Home Automation.

Ujjwal Shrestha

Home Automation Nepal has been part of security system progress for Panchakanya Group’s factories and offices. A committed team we rely on for quality product and service.